Sunday, June 13, 2010

HTML5 Security Articles and Live Demos

HTML5 is increasingly getting more attention from the developer community as it brings features that most developers would have never used before. Client-side storage with Web SQL Database, Offline Storage, Cross Origin Requests, Offline Application Cache, Cross Origin Messaging are some of these features that are going to have developers drooling over the next few years at the thought of all the cool things they could do.

With all these new possibilities we are going to have many new types of vulnerabilities and attacks. Security has been a prime consideration in the design of the HTML5 spec , for instance the design of the Web SQL Database API naturally encourages Prepared Statements and it is actually a little harder to introduce SQL Injection vulnerabilities. However implementation mistakes are going to be many and it would be interesting to study them. To help developers avoid more obvious mistakes when implementing these features I have written two detailed articles explaining what could go wrong and how it can be avoided. These articles are on the Web SQL Database and the Cross Origin Request features. Some of the points mentioned might look very obvious but I have personally in my experience doing Penetration tests seen much more obvious mistakes with very serious consequences.

The two articles are:
  1. Web SQL Database Security -
  2. Cross Origin Request Security -

My original idea was to write about them in a series of blog posts but I was in luck because at around the same time Mario announced his HTML5 Security CheatSheet project. And when contacted he liked my idea and was nice enough to add me to his project. So now it is in the form of a Wiki page which is great because it can be updated constantly based on feedback/ideas from readers and findings of other researchers.

There is also a HTML5 Security Quick Reference Guide along with Live Demos of secure and insecure implementation of some features at

All comments/suggestions/feedback are welcome.

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