Thursday, December 10, 2009

The ClubHack 2009 hangover

ClubHack is India’s first and oldest hacking/security conference. Started in 2007 by Rohit Shrivatsav, it happens in Pune every year. This year was special because Imposter was going to be there ;). I presented the same content as SecurityByte and OWASP AppSec Asia but this time around I had more time. I was able to explain all the attacks along with the demos. The audience were great and had very interesting questions, the most common of it was "Where can I get Imposter from?". I promised them it was going to be available for download very soon. There was a very interesting session by Kursev Singh of McAfee, he was demonstrating Mobile Application Testing, liked the way he presented his talk. Team ClubHack was a young and fired up group and they did a very good job. Once the sun went down all the speakers headed over to the bar and there was a surprise waiting for us. The beer served in the bar was coming straight from a brewery built right into the bar itself. It was just fresh pure beer with no additives or preservatives. This was a brainchild of a couple of IIM grads, one of them took us on a tour of the brewery and explained the entire process. I have become a fan already and hope ClubHack 2010 happens in the same place ;)